John M. Hanson, Principal
John primarily handles Hanson Fine Building’s business development and financial management. He is responsible for ensuring that issues are sufficiently addressed at the early stages of a project to create a seamless hand-off to the production staff. He also monitors projects in production to ensure that our clients’ expectations about their project’s scope, budget, and schedule are properly aligned. John received his Bachelors in American Studies and a certificate in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania. He has served on the board of the Greater Philadelphia Preservation Alliance since 2014. John was elected as a member of the Carpenter’s Company of Philadelphia in 2010. He lives with his wife and two of his three children in University City. In a former life he was an avid Ultimate player and won the World Club Ultimate Championship in 1989.

Christopher M. Hanson, Principal
Chris acts as Principal in Charge of many of our large projects and is our resident Sustainability specialist. He works with our clients, architects, Hanson Fine Building project managers and trade contractors to ensure that every job is estimated and executed in accordance to its design and specifications. After earning his Bachelors in American Studies from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Chris obtained a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a LEED accredited professional through the US Green Building Council, and a PHIUS Certified Builder through the Passive House Institute US. In August 2018, Chris joined the Lower Merion Historical Architectural Review Board. He also sits on the boards of the Lower Merion Affordable Housing Corporation and the Lower Merion Conservancy. He lives with his wife and two children in Gladwyne, PA. He has been observed sneaking out of the office early to satisfy his passion for fly fishing.

Kevin S. McDonnell, Project Manager
Kevin has been with Hanson Fine Building since 2007. He has worked in both the construction and architectural communities for more than thirty-five years. As a Project Manager, Kevin communicates with Project owners, architects, sub-contractors and workers, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our larger remodeling, preservation and new construction projects. Besides managing his specific projects, he also assists with estimating and design throughout the company. Kevin earned a B.S. in Architecture through Temple University. He is a certified green practitioner through the DVGBC and holds a Master Composter certificate from Penn State University. Kevin’s extensive skills in photography are put to good use on a daily basis at his job sites. He is happily married (42 years in October 2019), has four children and three grandsons, two more grandchildren on the way, and he loves gardening.

Christopher L. Hearl, Project Manager
Chris manages Hanson Fine Building’s larger projects, coordinating activities and scheduling, and ensuring that all work is performed to our standards. He also manages in-house design and prepares drafting services and shop drawings when required. Chris has been with Hanson Fine Building since 2004. After graduating from Philadelphia University with a Bachelors in Architecture, he worked for Habitat for Humanity as a Construction Manager for two years. Chris is an avid baseball fan and player.

Brian R. Mudri, Director of Hanson Services
Brian joined Hanson Services in 2011 after moving to Philadelphia from Florida, where he owned and operated a small home services business. As Director of Hanson Services, Brian oversees all Hanson Services projects and manages individual projects from the initial call through completion. He is an avid outdoorsman, kayaker, and Ultimate player, and he has recently completed a cross-country biking trip.

Michael A. Cosenza, Project Manager, Hanson Services
Michael joined Hanson Services in 2015 after working in different aspects of home renovation since 2006. As a project manager, Michael oversees all aspects of the renovation process- early meetings with the clients, drawing up a scope from plans, day-to-day work, and wrapping up all the final details. Michael graduated from Temple University in 2006. He and his wonderful wife Natalie are the proud parents of a daughter, Virginia, and a beagle named Pluto.

Brendan P. Wills, Project Manager
After several years as a journalist and independent woodworker, Brendan joined Hanson Fine Building in 2016 first as office manager, moved quickly into the field as a carpenter on Hanson’s larger projects and a project manager on smaller projects. Brendan’s dual interests in the written word and creating with his hands make him a unique and communicable member of the Hanson team. Brendan graduated from Bucknell University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Classics and Philosophy.

Kevin J. Davey, Project Manager
Kevin joined Hanson Fine Building in 2017 after working in the architecture field for 6 years. With his experience in architectural drafting and graphic design, Kevin also generates Hanson's marketing material as well helping to inform design decisions on various projects. Kevin graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2011. Kevin’s love for photography permeates most aspects of his life and he is rarely seen without one of his trusty old film cameras ready to capture the decisive moment. His strange accent can be attributed to being born in Zimbabwe and growing up in South Africa.

James A. Christensen, Project Manager
After a 24 year hiatus, Jim returned to Hanson Fine Building the summer of 2018, bringing with him a wide range of experience garnered while living and working in Oakland, CA, Brooklyn, NY, and Toronto, Canada. As a lifelong fine woodworker, Jim brings a very particular attention to detail in his perspective and approach to project management. He holds a BFA in Sculpture from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA, and a MFA in Studio Art from Mills College, Oakland, CA. Jim currently lives in historic Wyncote, PA, with his wife, son, and two talented and gifted cats.